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Priora Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (PWSPL) was incorporated by a group of techno commercial professionals in the field of Environmental Engineering. PWSPL engineers, designs and supplies systems, equipment and services to treat industrial and potable water supply, and industrial and domestic wastewater streams. Our process technology covers a vast spectrum of most common to the highly complex applications. PWSPL is committed to further contributing towards the growth and development of our country and cities and preventing them from the pollution.

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Now a days human beings are experiencing fresh water scarcity due to its shortage. Moreover with the increased rate of industrialization and population, fresh water sources are getting polluted day by day. PWSPL provides a long-lasting solution for treatment of the sewage water. The range of sewage treatment plants are manufactured using latest technologies and are featured with user friendly practices. These treatment plants works on aerobic or anaerobic treatment process. The sewage treatment plant is available in varied specifications and can be customized as per the detail description given by the clients. We are using advanced technologies like MBBR, SBR, SAFF to treat sewage water sophistically at lower cost with low maintenance. Treated water can be used for various applications like gardening, flushing, irrigation and cooling tower.


PWSPL designs, manufactures and supplies the Reverse Osmosis System which are extensively used to remove dissolve solids from the hard water. The reverse osmosis system is a hyper filtration membrane technology working under higher pressure. It extracts essentially pure and fresh water from polluted or salt water by forcing the water against osmotic pressure through a semi-permeable membrane, which passes the pure water molecules, but filters out salts and other dissolved impurities. It ensures the removal of all impurities such as excessive salts, micro-organisms, and other products left behind by chemical treatment. PWSPL is the trusted name in manufacturing and supplying Reserve Osmosis (RO) Systems. They are extensively made using quality raw materials procured from authentic vendors. One can access our RO system for water purification at a reasonable cost with very low maintenance.

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In a housing complex or similar establishment the fresh/municipal water is used for purposes like drinking & cooking, bathing, toilet flushing, floor washing, washing machines, gardening etc. The used water from Sources other than sewage & kitchen waste is termed as greywater. Greywater from washing machine & bathing is approx. 40 to 45% of total fresh water taken requirement. Recycle and Reuse of greywater will result in a direct reduction of about 40-45% in the quantity of daily freshwater requirement.

About Us

Our main strength is our highly qualified and experienced team which, minimizes the chances of problems and ensures better performance of the system. PWSPL has an excellent trained team for the designing, manufacturing, supplying, installing & commissioning and providing services for various Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems. The team of sales and marketing is well versed with market dynamics and caters to various product related queries of clients. Further to enhance the efficiency of employees and keep them abreast with the latest developments PWSPL conducts various seminars and training sessions on regular basis. We design our systems based on international/ national codes, standards and recommendations of latest editions, to meet regulatory / statutory requirements.

  • Corporate Philosophy
  • We develop and implement systems and services that provide our customers with cost effective and reliable solutions; plant and equipment. We strive for continuous open communication with our clients. We are committed to customer care and service excellence. We are committed to further research and development as a policy for continued improvement and to remain ahead with developments in our field.

  • Corporate Mission
  • Priora Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides equipment and technology to assist customers to find appropriate solutions to their water; wastewater and alternative power supply needs.

  • We offer
  • Highly efficient and cost effective systems for water and wastewater treatment, package plants. A full list of equipment is shown on our products tab in the menu above.



    • Operation & maintenance:

      Our association with our clients does not end with a project completion, as we always offer our O & M Services after successful completion which not only gives confidence to our clients but also allows us an easy access for continued efficient operation of the plant. It is our efficiency that prompts our clients to offer O & M contract for even those plants which have not been supplied by us. [...]

    • Annual Maintenance Contract:

      Our aim is to make the client independent and confident in operating the plant. Hence we always prefer to have AMC contracts so that the client can independently operate the plant while having means to monitor and ensure 100 % perfect operation.[...]

    • Retrofitting:

      It is always our endeavor to offer the best technologies. In case a particular client has gone for a non operating or less efficient technology, we encourage our clients to modify their plant, while making use of majority of existing equipments i.e. retrofitting the old plants with equipments of latest technology in order to restore maximum efficiency possible. [...]

    • Project Execution:

      We undertake turnkey projects where our expert team gets involved right from design stage to post commissioning, handing over and performance evaluation. Apt design, detailed planning, efficient execution and timely completion to give sustained performance are some of our strengths that keep our ever growing clientele coming back to us with repeat orders. [...]


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